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Lenz L23201 XPA Adaptor 'Mobile Throttle - Converter'

Lenz L23201 XPA Adaptor \'Mobile Throttle - Converter\'
Varenr.: L23201
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   How does it work?

o          The XPA is a small box with two RS11 ports.

o          One port is used to connect the XPA to your XpressNet.

o          The other port is used to connect the XPA to any device that uses standard tones such as a cordless phone.

o          The XPA translates the standard tones produces by the phone into a series of XpressNet commands which allows you to have full control of your trains from a cordless phone.

o          One XPA is needed for each wireless device desired.

o          Up to 30 XPAs can be used on an XPressNet based system.

o          Set-01 can support 30,.

o          Set-02 can support 5.

o          Compact/Commander can support 6.

o          Please note that device (phone) used with the XPA is dedicated for this purpose and while plugged into the XPA, it can not be plugged into the phone system.

o          The range of XPA is based on the capabilities of the specific cordless phone selected.

o          It does not matter if the phone is an older phone or one of the latest models. There are several hundred choices available.

o          Chose the one that is the easiest for you to use and has the range and battery life desired.

o          The feel in your hand is the most important aspect and since all our hands are different one choice will not be best for all.

o          Lenz have found that a the lowest cost 900MHz phone has more than enough range for most layouts.

o          Lenz have used an extended 900MHZ on our outdoor layout and for ultimate range a 2.4 GHZ phone works great.


•           Feature set.

o          Ability to select any locomotive address (the address range is determined by the capabilities of your command station).

o          Speed and direction control.

o          F0-F8 (momentary if the command station supports the feature) (the number of functions available is determined by the capabilities of your command station).

o          Turnout Control.

o          Macros (if supported by the phone selected).

o          Ability to customize several options.

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